NC2000/4000 Series Broadband Amplified Noise Modules

Type Noise Modules
  • NC2000/4000 - 0.00 ฿
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The NC2000 Series amplified noise modules are an excellent choice for high-level noise modules mounted on a circuit board. The NC2000 Series modules are housed in 24, or14-pin dual-inline packages. The NC4000 series modules are housed in a 40-pin module that cover similar noise bands to the NC2000, but have higher crest factor, and 60 dB of TTL controlled attenuation. Modified BW, output power, and flatness specifications are available for these modules. Please consult Noisecom for availability, and appropriate package style. Applications Dither circuitry for A/D converters Communications jamming PCIexpress jitter applications Built-in test equipment (BITE) Product Information Datasheet Quick Specifications Applications