NC520 Low Voltage Surface Mount Noise Source 200 kHz to 5 GHz

Type Noise source
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Noise Module for BITE The NC520 low voltage (surface mount) noise module is an economic solution for built-in test requirements. It contains complete bias circuits and require no external components. The surface mount package is suitable for mounting on microstrip. The modules produce extremely flat output power versus frequency characteristic that is insensitive to temperature and voltage variations. Typical applications for the NC520 module includes built-in test equipment (bite), signal strength meters for cellular, pcs, catv, calibrators, spectrum analyzers, radar warning receivers (rwr), and dither A/D quantization error. Noise Com can optimize frequency range and output levels for specific applications. Applications Built-in test equipment (BITE) Signal strength meters for cellular, PCS and CATV Calibrators Spectrum analyzers Radar warning receivers (RWR) Dither A/D quantization error Gain-bandwidth product testing Product Information Datasheet Quick Specifications Applications