PMX40 RF Power Meter

Brand Boonton
Type RF Power Meters
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The PMX40 provides design engineers and technicians the utility of traditional benchtop instrument, the flexibility and performance of modern USB RF power sensors, and the simplicity of a multi-touch display built with Boonton award-winning technology. As a benchtop meter, the PMX40 provides a standalone solution for capturing, displaying, and analyzing peak and average RF power in both the time and statistical domains through an intuitive, multi-touch touchscreen display. The Boonton PMX40 RF Power Meter utilizes up to four Boonton  RTP  and  CPS  families of USB RF power sensors with industry-leading performance and capabilities either independently or for synchronized multi-channel measurements of CW, modulated, and pulsed signals. Providing the ultimate flexibility, the PMX40 sensors can be disconnected and independently used as standalone instruments. Quick Features Capture/display/analyze peak and average power Frequency range from 4 kHz to 40 GHz Industry-leading video bandwidth (195 MHz) and rise time (3 ns) Industry-leading 100,000 measurements per second Industry-leading time resolution as fine as 100 ps Synchronous multi-channel measurements (up to 4 channels) Sensors can be used as standalone instruments Product Information Datasheet PMX40 Instruction Manual PMX40 Programming Reference Guide Options